Guests are most welcome at Patanga. We ask that visitors observe the following protocols during their stay.

The community house

  • The community house is primarily for shareholders' families and friends and guests. It is furnished in the form of a large studio apartment. There is an electrically boosted solar hot water system and basic cooking equipment.
  • Visitors are requested to keep the community house clean, to dispose of rubbish properly, and to adhere to other Patanga protocols regarding use which can be found on the noticeboard in the community house.


  • Visiting drivers are asked to respect road conditions, ie drive even slower if dusty, and consider walking if muddy or not too far. A speed limit of 20kph exists on all internal roads to prevent road dust from being generated, and to make it a safe environment for small children. 
  • Please don't drive across paddocks where there is no track. This will help stop the spread of noxious and environmental weeds and prevent soil compaction. Similarly, please don't park on lawns or in driveways unless loading or unloading.
  • Whenever possible, please leave your car in the visitor car park.


  • Wherever you go on Patanga, please don't leave anything behind, including the obvious glass, plastic, cigarette filters etc.
  • Sort recyclables and dispose of these and garbage at the Bellingen or Raleigh recycling depot.


  • Many families live on Patanga. Please respect their privacy - always cooee when approaching a house and, if there is no response, please leave.


  • Water is a precious resource to be used sparingly.
  • To maintain water purity please don't put detergent, soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc or allow dogs to swim (because of hydatids) in the creek or river.
  • Please don't swim if you've any contagious infections and do not swim in or disturb the pump pool, which is near the community house.

Fire safety

  • Guests should not light fires without first consulting a community member. We observe council's fire restrictions from spring to autumn. These are advertised in the local paper, usually in September.
  • In the event of a small localised grass or bushfire on Patanga - contact a resident immediately. Do not attempt to put the fire out yourself.
  • If possible keep your car horn on continuously (the accepted Patanga emergency alarm).
  • In the event of a serious bush fire, the refuge point is Craig and Ruth's share at the junction of Die Happy Creek and the Bellinger River.

Tools and Equipment

  • Visitors are not usually permitted to use this equipment, although exceptions can be made after appropriate training and approval from members.

Domestic Animals

  • Visitors may bring pets to Patanga. They must be kept on a leash at all times.


We hope this information helps you enjoy your stay at Patanga. If you have any questions, please contact us, or if you're already here, ask a local.