Occasionally a member moves on and their share becomes available for purchase. At the moment, there is no shares for sale.

To help ensure compatibility between a prospective new member and Patanga there is a "getting to know you" process. This is necessary before a share can be sold.

This begins with a written expression of interest from the prospective new member, which is then sent out to the shareholders by the seller. The applicant should include a brief outline of themselves, their reasons for choosing the community, and their hopes and plans for their future.

Applicants are encouraged to get to know the community members by attending 2 meetings and participating in monthly workdays.

A stake in Patanga is determined by the price of a share and any improvements (buildings etc.) to that share. The share price is assessed according to the most recent Consumer Price Index (CPI) (weighted average over all capital cities in Australia) figure.

When a share is for sale, the share price is calculated according to the last (three-monthly) CPI figure and the price of improvements to the share (house, buildings etc) is negotiated between the out-going shareholder and the prospective buyer.

The shares available immediately are shown on the main menu.